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After eight out of ten races in the 2014 DTM season, Marco Wittmann (D) has clinched the driver's title in what is probably the most toughly competitive touring car series in the world - the latest highlight in his rapid rise through the ranks in the DTM since his debut in 2013.

At the age of 24, this makes Wittmann the youngest DTM champion to drive for BMW and the youngest ever overall winner from Germany. "I always wanted to get into the DTM. Now I'm the champion. It's pure emotion. It all feels fantastic," said the BMW Team RMG driver after winning.

To celebrate this feat in appropriate style, BMW M GmbH prepared a small, exclusive edition of a special model. The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition was presented after today's race at Hockenheimring to the numerous fans who gathered at the BMW Motorsport Hospitality for the final celebrations.

The edition model will be limited to 23 - Marco Wittmann's start number. As a homage to Marco's racing car, the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition is available solely in Alpine White. Other features of the edition model, specially enhanced by the BMW Individual Workshop in Garching near Munich (DE) are also references to the winning BMW M4 DTM.

Marco Wittmann: "The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition in my colours is the icing on the cake at the end of this outstanding year. The car looks fantastic. I can hardly wait to take it out for a drive."

Images include not only standard equipment but also options and accessories.

Тип файла: jpeg BMW M4 DTM CHAMPION EDITION.jpeg (155.6 Кб, 46 просмотров)
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