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Фотографии BMW M8 с Нюрбургринга

BMW has been caught testing a gorgeous coupe on the Nurburgring, and it could be a new M8.
A new BMW 8 Series is in development right now and this is the first time we’ve seen what could be the hot M version of the car. It’s also possible that this is a prototype of the new M6, but it’s hard to be sure thanks to all that camouflage.
We are sure it’s an M model thanks to the massive air intakes up front, sport suspension and large blue brake calipers. The car is missing the quad exhaust that is usually present on M cars, which could simply be a tactic to hide its true nature, or it could be that this is part of the M Sport package and isn’t a fully fledged ‘M’onster.
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BMW recently trademarked a number of 8 Series monikers including 825, 845, 860, M850 and M8, suggesting that these will all see production on the new luxury coupe.
Powering the M8 is expected to be a turbocharged V12 making around 600 horsepower, borrowed from the new M760Li.
With the release of the new 8 Series, it will allow the 6 Series to become more of a dedicated sports car which will look to take on the Porsche 911 and Mercedes-AMG GT.

Тип файла: jpg BMW-M6-M8-Spy-Shots-9.jpg (81.3 Кб, 14 просмотров)
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Тип файла: jpg BMW-M6-M8-Spy-Shots-3.jpg (111.9 Кб, 13 просмотров)
Тип файла: jpg BMW-M6-M8-Spy-Shots-1.jpg (106.6 Кб, 15 просмотров)
Тип файла: jpg BMW-M6-M8-Spy-Shots-.jpg (72.6 Кб, 13 просмотров)
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